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Nannies Emergency Form EN
For which days are you looking for an emergency nanny?
Residential area
Travel time from nearest station?
What are the childcare tasks and what is the daily routine like?
Should household chores also be taken over?
Do you have any pets? If so, which and how do the related tasks look like?
Does a parent work from home? If so, who and when?
Which requirements should the emergency nanny meet (e.g. education, experience, etc.)?
Which languages should the emergency nanny speak?
Reasons for the emergency nanny request?
Parents: Mother
Parents: Father
add another child
Child 2
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Child 3
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Child 4
Special remarks related to the childcare (allergies, diseases of your children)
Familycare Basel offers you support in the search for a suitable emergency nanny or care solution, but cannot guarantee you a successful placement. In particular, the location, domestic work, pets and too many requirements can limit the chances of candidates being proposed.

The cost for the family is CHF 35.00 per working hour of the nanny. Emergency nannies are employed by Familycare Basel. The contract, insurance and social insurance costs are handled by Familycare Basel. There are no costs for families in this regard.

By submitting the form, you agree to the general terms and conditions.