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Our members live the balance of work and family.


Familycare Basel has set itself the goal of supporting its members in balancing work and family. To this end, we support employers and their employees, institutions under public or private law as well as natural persons and other contractual partners in the search for optimal care solutions for themselves or their relatives.

General information

Our members benefit from our advisory and brokerage services in the following areas:

  • Care of children in daycare centers (Kitas)
  • Individual care of children at home (nannies)
  • Childcare during school holidays (holiday camps)
  • Emergency care in the event of family or professional bottlenecks (emergency nannies)
  • Dealing with medical emergency situations (courses)
  • Family counseling (support)
  • Family care and relief services (support)

Advisory and brokerage services are provided throughout Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.
The costs of care are paid separately.

Advantages of membership for individuals and families

  • Entitlement to the full range of Familycare Basel advisory and support services
  • Child care in our professionally and lovingly run daycare centers
  • Emergency nannies in case of family or professional bottlenecks
  • Holiday camps during school holidays, courses, events
  • Family counseling and care, relief services

More than 50 families and individuals are already members of Familycare Basel and count on our services!

« Excellent cost/benefit ratio for private individuals and families: great added value is matched by very moderate costs. Private individuals can choose to pay monthly or, at a reduced rate, annual membership.»

Familycare Basel

Send us a non-binding membership request. We are happy to advise you.

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