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Cross-group play offer in Kita Familycare Petersgraben

After a fruity-fresh smoothie to the "Zn√ľni" we start in our cross-group game morning. This event, which takes place in our yard in spring, summer and autumn, aims to bring all groups of the daycare centre together and to experience a morning together across all age groups. Today I was invited by the group Panda to be there and to report about it, which I like to do very much!

Various stations have been set up: Skill is required for the fishing game; game fish should be caught with the magnetic fishing rod. At another table, paper medals can be decorated with rainbow-coloured stamps. Lay out gym mats are available for somersaults and other tricks, there is also a badminton post and a large skipping rope is swung - if you like, you can try your skills at jumping. In one corner the children are invited to throw cans, from another corner music sounds and eager, persevering and expressive dancers come together and dance with joy. For the little ones there is a cuddly play corner on the floor, of course the sandpit is open, and some of the children are also playing there. A separate area is ready for relaxation. It is a cheerful, bright and funny togetherness full of fun and games. Finally, after drinking water, there is a circle and a song with movement elements, after which the younger children happily go back to their groups for lunch. The older ones can stay in the yard and continue playing.


Kita Familycare Petersgraben

Nina Sternthal, Administration


Fishing Game