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Unfortunately, the Basel carnival could not take place this year due to corona. But the children as well as the adults did not let the joy be taken away from them and organized their own little "Schissdräck-Zügli".

The children dressed up in their costumes in beautiful spring weather and paraded together around the City Gate area. Led by our drum major Susann, the only thing left to say was: "Forward march".

At the end there was a little surprise for the children. Our apprentice Anouk suddenly conjured up a bag with confetti, which we shot together into the air. The parade was rounded off by a delicious carnival snack, where we ate fruits and fine carnival biscuit.

In this spirit we wish all children and families a happy carnival!


Julian Uhde, Kita Familycare Gellert, Group Leader Glugger


Carnival Gellert 1

Carnival Gellert 2

Carnival Gellert 3

Carnival Gellert 4