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The Glugger from Kita Familycare Gellert visited the Basel Zoo

In beautiful spring weather, the Glugger group from daycare center Kita Familycare Gellert visited the animals in the Basel Zoo. At first the children wanted to go to the vivarium to learn about the many different species of the underwater world. After our visit to the vivarium we ate the "Znüni" together. With the freshly gained energy that we filled up through the "Znüni", the children unanimously wished that we would play and climb together on the zoo's own playground. Our visit to the zoo was rounded off by the walk of the penguins. Afterwards we went back to the daycare center where everyone was hungry for lunch.

Julian Uhde, Group Leader Group Glugger - Kita Familycare Gellert

At the zoo playground

In the vivarium

Walk of the penguins