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The institution Senevita Gellertblick is a residence for assisted living and eldercare in Basel. Before the Corona lockdown phase, we, the children of the Glugger group, were guests there every two months to celebrate a cross-generational activity together.

After a long wait, we finally had the opportunity to spend time together again. So we took advantage of the last sunrays of the long and beautiful summer to play can throwing together in the adjacent garden of Senevita Gellertblick. At the end we had a delicious "Zvieri" lunch with pepperoni, cucumber and cookies. While everyone ate the "Zvieri", the results of the can throwing contest were announced.

As winners two children of the Glugger received a voucher from Senevita: At the next activity the two winning children can decide what we will do together.


Anouk Biert, 3rd year apprentice & Julian Uhde, group leader of daycare center Kita Familycare Gellert 

Senevita Gellertblick 1

Senevita Gellertblick 2

Senevita Gellertblick 3