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For one week we worked on the topic of kindergarten, because after the summer vacations many children from the Glugger group will start kindergarten.


Day 1

We started with a poster, which we designed together. On the poster we showed what is needed in kindergarten and the children who are already in kindergarten were allowed to tell what everyday life is like in kindergarten.


Day 2

In the morning we took a walk to the kindergarten Engelgasse. On the way there we already discussed crossing the street and practiced how to walk across the street. In the afternoon, all the children were allowed to bring their backpacks and the breakfast box. The children had a lot of fun and showed their stuff with pride.


Day 3

Each child was allowed to design their own kindergarten calendar in the morning. We placed the calendars at child height in our group so that each child can see at any time how many days are left until kindergarten starts. We printed out a photo of each child, which each child was delighted to stick on their calendar.


Day 4

We went on a field trip to the Meriang Gardens with the pre-kindergarteners. For the outing, each child was allowed to bring their own backpack as well as their own water bottle. We brought our own picnic and made ourselves comfortable. In the afternoon we practiced how to open and close different closures with a book that included different closures.


Day 5

We visited the Karl Jaspers Kindergarten and were allowed to stay there for a while. We were able to look at the kindergarten and the children already got to know a kindergarten teacher. The children had great fun and were allowed to enjoy the time in the garden with the kindergarten children.


We concluded our project week with a small review of the week. There was also a little surprise waiting for the children. At the end, each child received a reflector bear that they can attach to their kindergarten backpack.


Project week kindergarten 1

Project week kindergarten 2

Project week kindergarten 3