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Here at Petersgraben, the groups organized the reading day on the theme of spring. They read different spring stories to each group, which all led to the butterfly. Afterwards, depending on their age, the children, together with the educators, made colorful butterflies. The books were available for the children on the decorated spring table all day long and many of them kept looking at the stories and talking about them. The fascination lay above all in the whimsical transformation of the caterpillar, which becomes a butterfly in its sleeping bag (cocoon). One group had a beautiful cloth butterfly that you could put on your finger and fly and dance with it. It was wonderful to see how the children's eyes lit up when a teacher introduced the fabric butterfly so vividly! It was a colourful spring day full of stories, amazed children's eyes and with many colourful, whirling butterflies. In the evening, the children took the butterflies home with them and told their parents about them in an excited and joyful way. 

Reading aloud is not only a wonderful community experience, it also supports the children in their development!

Nina Sternthal, office assistant, daycare center Kita Familycare Petersgraben

Full attention for the butterflies

Handcrafted butterflies

The book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" was very popular