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Kita Familycare Petersgraben

Kita Familycare Petersgraben: The friendly daycare center in the middle of Basel's Old Town

The Familycare Petersgraben daycare center is ideally located in Basel's Old Town, opposite the University Hospital Basel and a two-minute walk from the main building of the University of Basel. The venerable building offers angled, child-friendly rooms in which the children can move around unhindered. A private, protected inner courtyard with a large sandpit, extensive playground equipment and beautiful plants encourages activities in the fresh air; various green areas and playgrounds as well as the banks of the Rhine in the immediate vicinity also invite to linger. The Familycare Petersgraben daycare center was awarded the title "Burzelbaum-Kita" as part of a project for more exercise and healthy nutrition. Like all Familycare Basel daycare centers, the Familycare Petersgraben Kita and its entire staff stand for high quality pedagogical values and look after the children according to recognized educational principles.

In a nutshell

Childcare places

53 places in 5 groups (3 infant groups, 2 mixed-age groups)

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 06:30 a.m. to 06:30 p.m. (in line with the shift times of the University Hospital Basel), except between Christmas and New Year and on public holidays


  • CHF 2,400.-/month for children above 18 months for 5 days/week
  • CHF 2,800.-/month for children up to and including 18 months for 5 days/week
  • CHF 600.- flat for the acclimatization period on entry (2 weeks min)

Age-appropriate, high-quality catering (breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks) as well as diapers and hygiene products are always included in the costs.

How to get there

By public transport: trams 6, 8, 11, 14, 15 and 16, buses 31, 33 and 34
By car: opposite the Basel-City car park, approx. 300m from the Storchen car park, a few minutes' drive from the Basel-Badischer Bahnhof or Basel-City motorway exits.

Contact person

Mariann Krebs

Daycare center manager
Telefon +41 61 261 78 00


Petersgraben 17
4051 Basel
Tel. +41 61 261 78 00

Virtual tour


«When we gave our oldest son Matteo to the daycare center, it was the first time for him and us. We met a very experienced team at the Kita Familycare Petersgraben, which took care of our child with interest and open-mindedness and was able to show us how growing into the Kita group made important developments possible for our son. In this way, Matteo had the opportunity to stand up for himself among other children, to learn from others, to connect, to negotiate, to look for compromises and to develop strategies in dealing with each other. In the Kita Familycare Petersgraben we found the development of our son accompanied sensitively and understandingly. We noticed again and again how the caregivers kept an eye on all interactions of the children and how they intervened calmly or waited carefully. We are very happy that we found this daycare center for Matteo and later his two siblings. We distribute the "maximum score". Over the years we have observed how our children have been able to make important steps in their interaction with others and it is nice to know that they can all enter kindergarten well prepared.»

Family Laurine Froidevaux and Thilo Kollmann with Elio, Livia and Matteo

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