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Professional Pedagogy

All our day care centers are run in line with our sound pedagogical concept which is equally recognized by professionals and appreciated by parents. With qualified and motivated employees who live our pedagogical concept every day, we ensure a loving, professional care of all children in a setting which allows them to develop positively. A constructive, respectful cooperation with parents additionally supports the educational work of Familycare Basel.

Important development elements of our pedagogical work are:


Bonding capacity

With an adaptation period individually tailored to each child, we begin to build an often long-term, but always trusting, open and transparent relationship between the child, caregivers and parents.

Social competence

Living together, integration and conflict management in a group promote the socialization of the child who learns to know and apply norms, rules and values.


Attentive and empathetic attention, a lot of room for exchange, a multifaceted approach to language as well as the development of understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication are important pillars with which we support the child's language development


Based on observations, we design play and discovery spaces and offer age-appropriate activities to support each child’s efforts to discover and understand the world.

Body and health awareness

We take the increasing independence of the child in body care seriously and guide it empathetically while maintaining its integrity. We support health promotion with a varied, age-appropriate and well-balanced diet, regular exercise and a good balance between activity and rest periods.


Resilience (=psychic resistance) is the ability of a person to overcome crises and to use them by resorting to personal experiences. We cultivate appreciative, encouraging relationships with the child, thanks to which it can develop and increase its resilience. The child learns to deal positively with successes and failures (resilience), to perceive itself as competent and capable of action (self-efficacy) and to assess its emotions, feelings and needs appropriately (self-perception).


We always treat the child with respect and at eye level. We motivate it to take an active part in daily life and encourage its co-determination.

Daily routine

The daily routine in our daycare centers is need-oriented and offers a balance between free play, guided activities in the house and activities in the open nature.

Room concept

We place value on daycare centers built and furnished for children, which offer attractive learning environments, play areas adapted to all development levels and spaces for retreat tailored to every age group.

Early childhood education

With early childhood education we do not anticipate the teaching material of the kindergarten, but rather contribute with good relationship structures, an adequate environment and age-appropriate development opportunities to the child, creating the above-mentioned experiences and learning processes and thus laying a solid foundation for further development.

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