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Emergency nannies and babysitters

Our emergency nannies and babysitters quickly and flexibly bridge family and professional bottlenecks.


Familycare Basel not only has a large network of nannies, but also covers the need for emergency nannies. Emergency nannies are arranged for short-term, unplanned assignments, e.g. if a child is ill and therefore cannot be brought to the childcare center, or if parents cannot take care of their child as planned for professional or other reasons.

In such and comparable cases, Familycare Basel will quickly and unbureaucratically arrange a suitable emergency nanny for the inquiring family. The costs for the family amount to CHF 49.00 per working hour of the nanny and a handling flat rate of CHF 50.00. Please note: The handling flat rate is due from the submission of the online nanny search request, regardless of whether the search has resulted in an assignment or not.  Emergency nannies are employed by Familycare Basel: the contract, insurance and social security contributions are handled by Familycare Basel; there is no expense for families making inquiries in this regard. However, as the name suggests, the placement of emergency nannies is limited to short-term emergency situations; for longer assignments, please refer to the Familycare Basel nanny pool (see nannies offer).

If required, we can also provide our members with babysitters for one-off or recurring, short-term assignments.

Search requests to Familycare Basel for an emergency nanny or babysitter can be placed online. In absolutely urgent cases, we recommend that you contact us by phone.

Contact person

Martina Pangracova

Emergency nanny facilitator
Tel. +41 61 261 52 87


"I would like to give you feedback on our emergency nanny or basically on the emergency nanny service via Familycare Basel. I was very happy that you were able to find an emergency nanny for us on short-term notice. She is really great and very experienced with children. So thank you again! We will gladly rely on Familycare Basel in the future."

Susanne Sange, Bayer Schweiz