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Our nannies enable a highly personal care of the child at its place of residence.

Familycare Basel advises parents on all aspects of childcare. Many decide to have their child or children looked after in a daycare center (Kita). Others, however, prefer an individual solution at the child's place of residence, in its familiar surroundings.

Our organization specialises in nanny placements from a workload of 60% to max. 100% in Northwestern Switzerland and supports its members throughout Switzerland on a situational basis. For a workload below 60%, we recommend the services of our cooperation partner BABSY

For such cases, Familycare Basel has a broad-based network of nannies that can be placed in a targeted manner. All nannies have been carefully vetted by Familycare Basel: We know all our nannies personally. They are all experienced child carers with impeccable credentials and a criminal record extract. Many also have pedagogical training, e.g. as specialist carers with a federal certificate of proficiency. All have completed an emergency first aid course for infants. If necessary, smaller or larger household tasks can also be taken on; some nannies can also be hired as night nannies. And: the majority of our nannies are bilingual or multilingual.

If a child is looked after by a nanny at home, it can continue to maintain its social contacts in the neighbourhood or in the village; the parents, in turn, know that their child is in good, reliable hands. Nanny agreements are often of a long-term nature, which favors the establishment and maintenance of a good relationship of trust between child, parents and nanny.

If nanny and family come to an agreement, Familycare Basel supports them with personal advice, sample contracts, information on social security and other relevant issues. The contract is then concluded directly between family and nanny. The gross hourly wage for a nanny is usually between CHF 25.- and CHF 36.- per hour, depending on age and qualification. Contracts can be concluded on an hourly basis or with a fixed workload and monthly salary.

Nannies can also be booked by companies or private individuals for the care of children on selected occasions, such as trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions, corporate meetings, sports and cultural events, etc.

Search requests to Familycare Basel for a nanny can be placed online.

Contact person

Martina Pangracova

Nanny facilitator
Tel. +41 61 261 52 87


"The nanny placement through Familycare Basel was very professional and friendly from the beginning. We appreciated the quick contact and the subsequent meeting via Zoom. Furthermore, we were provided with a lot of useful information and documents regarding employment and were therefore able to initiate everything necessary at an early stage. The applicants were carefully selected according to our expectations and were all qualified, friendly and interested. We were able to successfully hire a nanny within a few weeks and are very satisfied with her help at home. We would therefore recommend the placement through Familycare at any time."

Julian Süsstrunk