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Update 1: Coronavirus COVID-19 by February 28, 2020

Dear parents

Despite the cancellation of the Basel Carnival, the Familycare Basel daycare centers will remain closed on Monday, March 2, 2020.

If your child falls ill in the next few days with symptoms of a COVID infection, it is important that your child stays at home and does not attend the daycare center.

In this case, please contact your paediatrician or family doctor. The doctor will then decide whether a COVID-19 infection is suspected and will take over further clarification and treatment.

Your child should also stay at home if he or she has had contact with someone who is known to have COVID-19.

Further information on COVID-19 can be found under the Internet link:

If you have any medical questions, please contact the Children and Youth Health Service of Basel-Stadt: Malzgasse 30, 4001 Basel, Phone +41 61 267 90 00, E-Mail:


Update Coronavirus COVID-19 by February 28, 2020